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Sussex Bacon Is A Crackling Good Choice


The real story about great food these days is with local suppliers running honest, open and ethical businesses. There are still few things better in life than sitting down to a great meal or a delicious snack and you can still have great confidence in these meals. Products like Sussex Bacon provide the platform for perfect meals at any time of day or night. There is no doubt that a roll and bacon is one of the best ways  to start the day but the simplicity of the food and the way that it complements so many other foods means that it can be used around the clock and on its own or with a wide range of other ingredients and products.

Sussex bacon rolls start your day properly!

If you are looking to feed yourself and your family properly, with respect to health and nutrition, there is a lot to be said for buying from farmers who have an open process. This means you can find out everything you want to know (if you want to know anything) about the entire process of getting great quality meat to your dinner table. There is a freshness that comes with buying from local farmers and suppliers, with the Clayfield Farm range being a perfect example of great food at a value for money price that will leave you feeling content on every aspect.

Whether you want to stock up your freezer for the weeks and months ahead or you just want to make the best hog roast Surrey has tasted in a good whole, shopping local with reputable farmers can ensure you are very happy. With free range pork, lamb and goose options available, there is something for every meat lover and the ethical nature of the farming process helps to ensure that your food is being produced in the proper way. Visit